Thursday, February 8, 2018

Do THIS after your warm-up [burns hundreds of calories]

You can't sugarcoat this fact. In fact, I'll even bold it for you.
Calories in vs. Calories out STILL matters
But you're already eating better and you're already working out
consistently... yet NO progress.
What can you do? 
It's simple - you must burn MORE calories than you are now.
It all starts right here:
# 1 - Use Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT), along with 
MetabolicConditioning (MCT) and "Calorie-Expensive" moves.
In other words, you're going to burn more calories with Rows vs
DB Curlzzzz. 
DB Curlzzz = Arms only
DB Rows = Back, Biceps, Abs (including your love handles)
# 2 - Use "Accelerators" in your training
Before you jump into your training program, start it with a Fat Loss
Accelerator after your warm-up like this...
- 30 seconds per exercise
- Rest 15 seconds between exercises
- Repeat for 3 rounds
Cross Body Mountain Climbers
Reverse Lunge with Bicep Curl
Jumping Jacks
This means your entire workout will be at an elevated heart 
rate, forcing your body to burn more calories (not bad for a few
more minutes of work). 
Note - This is an awesome adrenaline rush, too.

# 3 - Use Density Training
This is when you do as many reps as possible in a certain timeframe. 
The idea is to aim for more reps than your last workout. That 
means you work your muscles more, causing more muscle damage. 
That means more calorie-burning after your workout ends, while 
you're sitting on the couch.
# 4 - Stay active
Making simple changes in your everyday routine is bonus calories 
being burned. So on your off days, take a brisk walk, practice 
Yoga, play with your kids. There are endless ways to stay active.
# 5 - Shorten your rest periods
Going from 45 seconds of rest to 30 seconds of rest is a big deal 
believe it or not. By this one little tweak, you'll burn more calories 
(and in less time) with your workouts. 
But you should do this in a progressive manner!

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Sunday, February 4, 2018

How burn MORE calories with a 10-Minute Workout

The Weekend Fat Loss Accelerator
1) Start with Kate's fun-n-fast Dynamic Warm Up 
- No rest between exercises
- 30 seconds rest at the end of the circuit
- Repeat for 2 rounds

1A) Squat with T-Squeeze x 30s
1B) Glute Bridge x 30s
1C) Mountain Climbers x 30s
1D) Stick Ups x 30s
1E) Jumping Jacks x 30s
2) Move into Kate & Craig's Calorie Crushing Fat Loss Accelerator
- 30 seconds per exercise
- Rest 15 seconds between exercises
- Repeat for 3 rounds

2A) Cross Body Mountain Climbers
2B) KB or DB Reverse Lunge
2C) Stability Ball or TRX Jackknives
2D) KB or DB Swings or Total Body Extensions
3) After a 60 second break move on to Metabolic Resistance Training.
- No rest between exercises
- 45 seconds rest at the end of the circuit
- Repeat for 3 rounds

3A) DB Romanian Deadlift x 40 seconds
3B) T-Push Up x 40 seconds
3C) DB Chest Press x 40 seconds (using lighter weight than normal)
3C) Alternating DB Step Up x 40 seconds
4) After a 60 second break, finish your fat loss acceleration with Kate and Craig's Metabolic Density Training. 
- 20 seconds per exercise with 10 second rest = 1 round
- Do all rounds of the exercise before moving to the next
- Do not rest between exercises

4A) Total Body Extensions - 8 rounds of 20-10
4B) Bodyweight Rows - 4 rounds of 20-10 (use a TRX if possible)
4C) Push Ups - 4 rounds of 20-10
4D) Jump Rope - 8 rounds of 20-10
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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Ladder Cardio for optimal weight loss

"Ladder Cardio"...
Whenever you do a ladder, you challenge yourself to get 
through the finisher in less time each time you perform it.
You can use a ladder finisher 3 to 4 times a week to get in
more work in less time (which is great for burning fat, but
you'll also save time because ladders are typically no more
than 4 exercises).
This is perfect for the busy gym.
You can use any ONE of them after your main workout
or do one on your off day to stay active.
If you're bold... you can "stack" 2-3 of them and use it 
as a full workout. This is for ADVANCED folks only.
Here's his finisher today:

"Metabolic 4-Step" Finisher

Do the following circuit resting only when needed. In the
first circuit, you'll perform 6 reps of each exercise. In the next
circuit, you'll perform 5 reps of each. Continue in this fashion
until you complete 1 rep of each exercise.

Low Box or Bench Jumps (6...1)
T Pushup (6/side...1/side)
*Goblet Sumo Squat (6...1) 
Mountain Climbers (6/side...1/side) 

*Your feet should be well outside shoulder-width apart

Ladders rock the world.

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Monday, January 29, 2018

3 best core exercises

If you want to improve your core strength and get stronger abs,
then you need better exercises than just planks or crunches.
I've been asking the most advanced trainers I know for the best
Core Training ideas to add into my program.

One coach that I asked, Suspension Training expert, Dan
Long, of Tampa, Florida, gave me the following 3 core
exercises that are guaranteed to make you stronger and get
you ripped abs.

(Dan is a world-renowned TRX trainer, having worked
with many pro athletes and actors down at the legendary
Powerhouse gym in Tampa.)

Here's what Dan put together in a killer core circuit. I'm off to
do this today.

Killer Core Circuit with the 3 Best Exercises descriptions below this.

1. Suspended Front Plank w Body saw
2. Suspended Side Plank L/R w Scissor and Reach Under
3. Suspended Reverse Plank w Hip Drop and Raise

*All exercises performed 30 sec to 2 min
**Rest 1 minute and repeat 2 more times.

Dang, my abs are going to be ripped up from this, and my core
strength will be better than ever.

Killer Core Circuit Exercise Descriptions (PRINT these out)

Suspended Front Plank w/Body Saw:

1. On your knees, face down, place feet in foot cradles of
suspension trainer, and support your body on your elbows.

2. Lift your knees off ground and straighten legs into front plank

3. Rock your body on elbows back and forth like a body saw for
desired amount of time. 

Suspended Side Plank L/R w/Scissor and Reach Under:

1. Put feet in foot cradles, and then lie on your Right side. Lock
your feet in an offset foot position (top leg/foot behind bottom
leg/foot).  Get onto Right elbow, and lift body straight up on side
elbow, raising left arm straight up.

2. Scissor feet apart, and then reach under with your left hand,
and return to start position, with feet locked in offset position,
and left arm straight up in air, and repeat for desired amount of
time, then get on Left side.

3. Repeat on Left Side/Left elbow for desired amount of time.

Suspended Reverse Plank w/Hip Drop and Raise:

1. Lying on back, with heels in foot cradles, put hands flat on
floor, and raise body straight into Reverse Plank position, then
lower hips just above the ground and lift back to start position.

2. Repeat for desired amount of time. 

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

How to hit ALL Ab muscles in ONE finisher

Ready for this? Alright, here it is...
Plank (20 secs)
Side Plank (left side) (10 secs)
Plank (20 secs)
Side Plank (right side) (10 secs)
Do the above TWICE (sorry... NO REST!) Also, don't be fooled 
like I was. This is much harder than it looks.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

How to "shift" conditioning to target belly fat

#1 - You Must Train Your Abs Directly

However, you don't need to work them more than 2-3 times a week. 
And by the way, DIRECT ab training alone will not work. Direct ab
training with extreme conditioning is the fastest way to do it.
#2 - Use Metabolic Resistance Training

Density training, metabolic circuits, challenges and more will boost 
your fat-burning hormones and make you burn calories while 
you sleep.

And the good news is that you can get over 51 Ab Finishers
and 8 weeks of Metabolic workouts at over 65% off..

Boost your post-workout burn AND target your abs with 
a finishers like this...

"Ab-Trocious Gauntlet" 

Do each exercise for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest for 
4 rounds, then move into the next exercise.

So you'll do T-Pushups for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds and then 
repeat this for 4 rounds. Then you'll move into the Swings, etc., 
etc. and continue in this fashion until the circuit is completed.
T Pushups (20s), rest 10s - 4X

KB or DB Swings (20s), rest 10s - 4X

X-Body Mountain Climber with Feet Elevated (20s), rest 10s - 4X

Jump Rope or Jumping Jacks (20s), rest 10s - 4X

Stability Ball or Ab Wheel Rollout or TRX Fallout (20s), rest 10s - 4X

By the way, the TRX Fallout is my favorite ab exercise. If you want
a no-equipment option, you can do Total Body Extensions for the Swings
and Mountain Climbers for the Rollout/Fallout.

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sliding Inchworm

The move stretches your calves, hamstrings, and thighs, while preparing your muscles for just about any activity. But throw a towel under your feet while you do it, and suddenly the inchworm becomes a grueling core-strengthening move called the inchworm slide. If the below demonstration is to advanced you can also do this on your knees. Once you master it on your knees then graduate by starting in the position below, but bring your knees to your stomach, almost like a an upside down crunch. Once you master that then move up to the exercise below. Thanks to for this post called the Inchworm, sometimes I find post that I need to share and when I do I give credit..

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